Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simoncelli: Beginning and Ending in Sepang

The death of Marco Simoncelli in the race at the Malaysian GP this weekend clearly left a deep sorrow for all MotoGP fans.
Yes, how fast drivers are staying digadang The Next Rossi is gone from this world in the last race in Sepang. Seeing their work in the international MotoGP riders such eccentric began their work in the class of the Kings in the circuit where he was dying.
Sepang is a silent witness establishment of young people with adrenaline without this limit to try his guts on the racetrack. MotoGP penikamat mind will never forget how his career while trying to rip off Simoncelli MotoGP circuit in Negri this neighbor in 2010.
Twice he fell in a test session, Simoncelli never seemed to sour smell of asphalt. In fact, the second incident ruin his helmet. In fact, he completed the race in 11th place a year ago. Time continues to spin until it gets to date 23 Oktoner 2011. Super Sic destined dying in a circuit along the 5543 km of this.
The second lap in turn 11 to start disastrous for young racers full potential. Anticipated loss of grip at the front during the fight with Alvaro Bautista, Simoncelli slip. Nahas, a moment later came along with Colin Edwards Valentino Rossi. Simoncelli's body was hit by a second rider with high speed.
Many pengmat suspect, Simoncelli has not reached the front tire temperatures are expected to achieve the desired grip since this incident occurred at the beginning of the race.
After receiving help from the local medical team, Simoncelli lives no longer be saved. Various efforts have been made the medical team at the boundary between life and death is getting thinner. Malaysian GP tragic drama is finally closed with Simoncelli's death at the age of 24 years stepped on.
There is a saying all that life will surely die, every encounter there is separation, and Simoncelli started and finished his career in the classroom of the Kings in the circuit which is located not far from Indonesia, Sepang.

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