Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Edwards (Finally) Open Sound

HOUSTON - After two days after the tragedy of death at Malaysian Grand Prix, which killed Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards finally speak out while giving expression deepest condolences.
Edwards Tech 3 Yamaha rider directly involved role in the incident, the actor antagonist for some MotoGP lovers and fans Super Sic - nicknamed Simoncelli.
Although in such circumstances, any of the drivers could not avoid the fall line Simoncelli in the Sepang track. Shit, at that time Edwards was right on track and forced his motorcycle YZR-M1 Simoncelli hit the helpless on the track, after falling from his motorcycle.
Edwards was among the victims, after a little squeezed and hit by motor Valentino Rossi, who was beside him. Simoncelli victims with severe injuries. Though it was taken to the medical center, eventually Simoncelli have breathed his last, the same day.
Edwards could not resist the power of grief. Although not yet found the journalist, Edwards is the most awaited his comments, finally twittering on his social media account page, after undergoing examination in the United States.
": (Very sad and always heartbreaking to see a friend die by any cause. The incident is a terrible tragedy," writes Edwards on facebook account, as disitat Stay on the Black Tuesday (10/25/2011).
": (I grieve for all MotoGP lovers, my heart has been solid for all parties who feel painfully, from the family and fans. Good-bye my friend, you will always be missed," continued Edwards.
Edwards himself, in addition to emotional pain, she could not bear the pain suffered by her. The incident made a serious injury. To the extent that The Texas Tornado also had to be rushed to the medical center. Returning to the United States, Edwards expressed his gratitude, to those who sympathize with him.
"Thanks to all who supported my recovery. I'm having a dislocated shoulder ligaments and muscles. Also with both wrists and ankles are experiencing fractures. I will undergo X-ray tests on Wednesday, "Edwards finished in his facebook account.

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