Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Edwards (Finally) Open Sound

HOUSTON - After two days after the tragedy of death at Malaysian Grand Prix, which killed Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards finally speak out while giving expression deepest condolences.
Edwards Tech 3 Yamaha rider directly involved role in the incident, the actor antagonist for some MotoGP lovers and fans Super Sic - nicknamed Simoncelli.
Although in such circumstances, any of the drivers could not avoid the fall line Simoncelli in the Sepang track. Shit, at that time Edwards was right on track and forced his motorcycle YZR-M1 Simoncelli hit the helpless on the track, after falling from his motorcycle.
Edwards was among the victims, after a little squeezed and hit by motor Valentino Rossi, who was beside him. Simoncelli victims with severe injuries. Though it was taken to the medical center, eventually Simoncelli have breathed his last, the same day.
Edwards could not resist the power of grief. Although not yet found the journalist, Edwards is the most awaited his comments, finally twittering on his social media account page, after undergoing examination in the United States.
": (Very sad and always heartbreaking to see a friend die by any cause. The incident is a terrible tragedy," writes Edwards on facebook account, as disitat Stay on the Black Tuesday (10/25/2011).
": (I grieve for all MotoGP lovers, my heart has been solid for all parties who feel painfully, from the family and fans. Good-bye my friend, you will always be missed," continued Edwards.
Edwards himself, in addition to emotional pain, she could not bear the pain suffered by her. The incident made a serious injury. To the extent that The Texas Tornado also had to be rushed to the medical center. Returning to the United States, Edwards expressed his gratitude, to those who sympathize with him.
"Thanks to all who supported my recovery. I'm having a dislocated shoulder ligaments and muscles. Also with both wrists and ankles are experiencing fractures. I will undergo X-ray tests on Wednesday, "Edwards finished in his facebook account.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"MotoGP Never Safe"

Sepang - MotoGP race director Paul Butler promised to investigate the incident that makes the death of Marco Simoncelli. Although the FIM has set high standards, but Butler admitted MotoGP race is never safe.

As reported previously, Simoncelli was killed in Malaysian MotoGP race, before noon CST. 24-year racer was killed, after engaging the incident with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Race was immediately stopped momentarily as well.

After his helmet was off, medical director Michele Macchiagodena said Simoncelli suffered a serious injury on the head, neck and chest. That's what makes Simoncelli died at a local hospital.

This is the first fatal accident, since the rider Daijiro Kato died in 2003 Japanese MotoGP ago. However, last year, teenage drivers Shoya Tomizawa, also died after crashing in Moto2 event in San Marino.

Butler says it is ready to investigate this incident. "We've set a high standard procedures. This is a bizarre incident, in which the helmet off and I'm sure the board of motorsport such as the FIM and MotoGP, will investigate this," explains Butler.

"It was an incident of back-to-back weekend for motorsport arena. We've tried hard to avoid incidents like this and preparing for the worst. You see, 99 percent of the riders fell and continued to stand. Only one percent are not," he continued.

"You can not guarantee 100 percent safe race. You will be involved danger when you join the race. As a racer, they know how dangerous MotoGP races," said Butler in a press conference at the Sepang Circuit.

"Believe it or not, that's what they should do. We join in mourning the death of Simoncelli. We will miss him," he concluded, as reported by the Telegraph, Sunday (23/10/2011).

Edwards Starting the Recovery Process in the U.S.

The fate of a little more luck experienced Colin Edwards. Yes, although the collision involved a fairly loud, Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider was just a dislocated left shoulder suffered after the incident that killed Marco Simoncelli.

Initially, many people who thought Edwards suffered a severe injury. But thankfully, in a gruesome incident that Edwards could get up and do not experience a fatal injury. After that horrible incident, Edwards begin serving his recovery in the United States.

"The American had left the Sepang International Circuit to start the recovery process at home in America and this is very hard for her. She always prayed for Simoncelli and San Carlo Honda Gresini family, "said an official statement released on the official website of Yamaha Tech 3.

Meanwhile, MotoGP Medical Director, Michele Edwards Macchigodena convey fine. "He suffered a dislocated shoulder and the anesthesia given to her shoulders now, he is in the correct position. He's fine, "said Macchigodena in his press statement.

In that incident, Edwards failed to escape when Simoncelli fell in front of him. Thus even with Valentino Rossi. Although the chance of losing control, Rossi was able to cope with the pace of the bike, though eventually he had to lose one of her closest colleagues.

Marco 'Super Sic' Simoncelli's career journey

Marco Simoncelli eventually dies at the age that is still relatively young, 24 years (20 January 1987-23 October 2011). The tragedy that makes all the lovers of racing world by surprise. Simoncelli death in MotoGP Sepang Circuit Malaysia is the first death in premium after the death of Daijiro Kato at the Japanese GP in 2003.

The Italian rider himself started out in Italian minimoto Championship when he was aged 9 years or more precisely in 1996-2000. After promising performances in the Honda Trophy in 2001, Simoncelli and then won the European 125cc title in 2002. In the same year, Simoncelli felt in the arena of Grand Prix racing in the 125cc World Championship.

For three seasons, 2002-2005, Simoncelli race in the 125cc class with Aprilia team. During this race in the 125cc class, Simoncelli had never won a title. In 2006, Simoncelli up to the 250cc class and this time joined together with Metis Gilera team. He is ranked 10th in the standings in his first year racing in the 250cc class.

Simoncelli had to wait two years for his first victory in the 250cc class when winning the Italian GP at Mugello Circuit. In this year also, Simoncelli won the 250cc class with Metis Gilera team in 2008 by setting aside Alvaro Bautista and Hector Barbera.

250cc champion status, a year later or in 2010, when 22-year-old Simoncelli he finally felt the MotoGP class. In his first season Simoncelli is ranked eighth. During his career in MotoGP, Simoncelli has two podiums in MotoGP Rep.Ceska namely in Brno Circuit and the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island Circuit.

The first and the last team in the MotoGP class is a joint team of the San Carlo Honda Gresini. Even had never even won a race, Simoncelli already has many fans and is referred to as a central figure in MotoGP racing style thanks to an attractive and aggressive. Rest in Peace, Super Sic.

Simoncelli: Beginning and Ending in Sepang

The death of Marco Simoncelli in the race at the Malaysian GP this weekend clearly left a deep sorrow for all MotoGP fans.
Yes, how fast drivers are staying digadang The Next Rossi is gone from this world in the last race in Sepang. Seeing their work in the international MotoGP riders such eccentric began their work in the class of the Kings in the circuit where he was dying.
Sepang is a silent witness establishment of young people with adrenaline without this limit to try his guts on the racetrack. MotoGP penikamat mind will never forget how his career while trying to rip off Simoncelli MotoGP circuit in Negri this neighbor in 2010.
Twice he fell in a test session, Simoncelli never seemed to sour smell of asphalt. In fact, the second incident ruin his helmet. In fact, he completed the race in 11th place a year ago. Time continues to spin until it gets to date 23 Oktoner 2011. Super Sic destined dying in a circuit along the 5543 km of this.
The second lap in turn 11 to start disastrous for young racers full potential. Anticipated loss of grip at the front during the fight with Alvaro Bautista, Simoncelli slip. Nahas, a moment later came along with Colin Edwards Valentino Rossi. Simoncelli's body was hit by a second rider with high speed.
Many pengmat suspect, Simoncelli has not reached the front tire temperatures are expected to achieve the desired grip since this incident occurred at the beginning of the race.
After receiving help from the local medical team, Simoncelli lives no longer be saved. Various efforts have been made the medical team at the boundary between life and death is getting thinner. Malaysian GP tragic drama is finally closed with Simoncelli's death at the age of 24 years stepped on.
There is a saying all that life will surely die, every encounter there is separation, and Simoncelli started and finished his career in the classroom of the Kings in the circuit which is located not far from Indonesia, Sepang.

Stoner regrets Release of Simoncelli Helmet

Due to crash of Marco Simoncelli in the race at this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix rider makes the whole grieving, Casey Stoner is no exception. According to the observations of Stoner, Simoncelli helmet release is a bad sign.

In a race that took place at Sepang this weekend, the world lost one of MotoGP's potential racers. Indeed, at the beginning of this race no one predicted this day into the final race of Super Sic-so sapaanya.

Balapana lasted just two laps, Simoncelli slip during the fight with Alvaro Bautista. Unfortunately, after the fall, was hit by a frizzy rider Colin Edwards who suddenly appeared from the side, horrible incident was inevitable.

Simoncelli Body hit the motor Edwards and Valentino Rossi at the same time came from behind him. Ironically, Super Sic any helmet regardless of his head. After obtaining a series of intensive care, life can not ultimately Simoncelli beyond help.

After seeing repeated impressions, Stoner was enough to deplore what is causing his helmet for some time despite the incident. "As soon as I saw the show she repeated, it makes you feel the pain that was deep. Each time the helmet was off, it's not a good sign, "Stoner told BBCSport regret, Sunday (23/10/2011).

Good Bye Simoncelli

MotoGP back trajectories casualties. Less than a year, after the death of Shoya Tomizawa, rider in the 250cc class, this weekend's race in the class of the Kings lost one of its central figures.
There is no bad feeling Marco Simoncelli will go so fast at a young age, 24 years. Rider eccentric should breathe his last in the race at the Malaysian GP this weekend, because it involved a fatal accident after a concussion involved with Colin Edwards, the race lasted just two laps.
In the replay, it is clear Simoncelli fell during cornering when the fight with Alvaro Bautista. Nahas, the frizzy Rider loses grip that makes it fell and struck the motor Edwards. Worse yet, the Super Sic helmet was off. Simoncelli was unconscious after that. Fast motion is taken directly to the stewards by running Simoncelli medical room by ambulance.
As a result of this inisiden, immediately raised a red flag stopped the race mark. Got news develops, Simoncelli better and wake up. However, fate would, Simoncelli eventually dies.
Rip off his career, talented rider Simoncelli. Super Sic-his nickname was so successful world champion in the 125cc class, lunge Simoncelli continues to climb until eventually penetrate the 250cc class. In the 250cc class, Simoncelli became world champion in 2008 with Gilera.
Simoncelli alluring gait which makes the San Carlo Honda Gresini Team recruited him for the orders yet the class of the Kings in 2010. Unfortunately, their work in the season is not as smooth as one might imagine. This season, Simoncelli is too often criticized because of the aggressiveness that tends to harm.
In fact, Simoncelli had received under the spotlight because it is considered as the main drivers of an accident between him and Dani Pedrosa at the French Grand Prix earlier this season that made The Little Spaniard had to pull in some series
Although often gets kriktikan, Simoncelli yet still showed his capacity as a candidate for winning the world championship next season. In this season, riders born January 20, 1987 was incised two pole positions and two podiums in the Republic Ceska and GP Australian GP. Not surprisingly, Simoncelli was given a contract extension by Honda.
What can I say, Simoncelli should end the MotoGP career on stage more quickly because they experienced a serious accident at the Malaysian Grand Prix, a week after reaching the podium in race two at the Australian GP.

Incident at Sepang, Simoncelli Finally died

Sad news coming from MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli eventually died in a race that took place at the Malaysian GP this weekend.

Simoncelli involved a serious accident with Colin Edwards as he entered the bend turn 11. The incident with Edwards was making Simoncelli unconscious in the middle of the track due to hit the motor Edwards and Valentino Rossi after Simoncelli slip during the fight with Alvaro Bautista. Especially after he wore a helmet regardless.

After receiving a serious and intensive care medical team, lives Simoncelli finally beyond help. As a result of this accident, the race at Malaysian GP should be canceled.

GP Sepang 2011: This is the reason for Retired Racing

The decision to cancel the race because of a serious incident that struck Marco Simoncelli akhrinya taken by the organizers of the race at Malaysian GP. The reason is obvious, because they are still waiting for the medical staff recover Simoncelli.

So far, not known for sure conditions Simoncelli, because until now the Italian racer was still intensively treated by medical staff. "The race is canceled because the focus of the medical staff treating Simoncelli and racing can not continue for the time being," according to the official MotoGP disitat official site on Sunday (23/10/2011).

Looking at the replay races, Simoncelli, who was a tight fight with Alvaro Bautista fell in the corner and suddenly come Colin Edwards snatched. This incident makes Simoncelli helmet was off. Racers also had frizzy it is unconscious.

As a result of this incident, Edwards had hit the motor bike Valentino Rossi who made ​​The Doctor had lost control. Luckily, Rossi did not fall and avoid the deadly incident. Meanwhile, Edwards himself suffered a dislocated shoulder injury.

After the incident, it appears Simoncelli was rushed to the infirmary by using the ambulance to get intensive care.