Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Bye Simoncelli

MotoGP back trajectories casualties. Less than a year, after the death of Shoya Tomizawa, rider in the 250cc class, this weekend's race in the class of the Kings lost one of its central figures.
There is no bad feeling Marco Simoncelli will go so fast at a young age, 24 years. Rider eccentric should breathe his last in the race at the Malaysian GP this weekend, because it involved a fatal accident after a concussion involved with Colin Edwards, the race lasted just two laps.
In the replay, it is clear Simoncelli fell during cornering when the fight with Alvaro Bautista. Nahas, the frizzy Rider loses grip that makes it fell and struck the motor Edwards. Worse yet, the Super Sic helmet was off. Simoncelli was unconscious after that. Fast motion is taken directly to the stewards by running Simoncelli medical room by ambulance.
As a result of this inisiden, immediately raised a red flag stopped the race mark. Got news develops, Simoncelli better and wake up. However, fate would, Simoncelli eventually dies.
Rip off his career, talented rider Simoncelli. Super Sic-his nickname was so successful world champion in the 125cc class, lunge Simoncelli continues to climb until eventually penetrate the 250cc class. In the 250cc class, Simoncelli became world champion in 2008 with Gilera.
Simoncelli alluring gait which makes the San Carlo Honda Gresini Team recruited him for the orders yet the class of the Kings in 2010. Unfortunately, their work in the season is not as smooth as one might imagine. This season, Simoncelli is too often criticized because of the aggressiveness that tends to harm.
In fact, Simoncelli had received under the spotlight because it is considered as the main drivers of an accident between him and Dani Pedrosa at the French Grand Prix earlier this season that made The Little Spaniard had to pull in some series
Although often gets kriktikan, Simoncelli yet still showed his capacity as a candidate for winning the world championship next season. In this season, riders born January 20, 1987 was incised two pole positions and two podiums in the Republic Ceska and GP Australian GP. Not surprisingly, Simoncelli was given a contract extension by Honda.
What can I say, Simoncelli should end the MotoGP career on stage more quickly because they experienced a serious accident at the Malaysian Grand Prix, a week after reaching the podium in race two at the Australian GP.

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