Sunday, October 23, 2011

GP Sepang 2011: This is the reason for Retired Racing

The decision to cancel the race because of a serious incident that struck Marco Simoncelli akhrinya taken by the organizers of the race at Malaysian GP. The reason is obvious, because they are still waiting for the medical staff recover Simoncelli.

So far, not known for sure conditions Simoncelli, because until now the Italian racer was still intensively treated by medical staff. "The race is canceled because the focus of the medical staff treating Simoncelli and racing can not continue for the time being," according to the official MotoGP disitat official site on Sunday (23/10/2011).

Looking at the replay races, Simoncelli, who was a tight fight with Alvaro Bautista fell in the corner and suddenly come Colin Edwards snatched. This incident makes Simoncelli helmet was off. Racers also had frizzy it is unconscious.

As a result of this incident, Edwards had hit the motor bike Valentino Rossi who made ​​The Doctor had lost control. Luckily, Rossi did not fall and avoid the deadly incident. Meanwhile, Edwards himself suffered a dislocated shoulder injury.

After the incident, it appears Simoncelli was rushed to the infirmary by using the ambulance to get intensive care.

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